Wednesday, 22 June 2011

What are some antibiotics for sinus infection?

Sinus infection is the most common type of infection caused in human beings. There are lot of medicines available in market. Amoxicillin is the most widely used medicine to cure sinus infection. The drug is pretty affordable and it helps in killing usual causative microorganisms. Though, it got some side effects like hives and throat infection.

The other most commonly used drug is trimethoprim. However, this is not advisable to people who are allergic to sulfur. Because the main ingredient in this drug is sulfur. If you suffer from sinusitis at regular interval and you take antibiotics a lot. Then, cefuroxime and loracarbef is given to patient. Both these drugs are very effective in clearing sinus from any infection. But again, regular usage of these drugs is not advisable. Otherwise, your body will become tolerant of it and these drugs will not give positive results in future.

The main problem is no matter what drug you take, the germs will eventually become habitual of it. These drugs will not cure and you have to take much stronger antibiotics. So, don’t take these drugs on regular basis. Only take these drugs under the supervision of doctor.

Other than this, there are some pretty popular natural remedies for sinus infection like tea and water. Drink plenty of water and you will get lot of relief. You can also inhale steam for 15 mins, that will also give you relief. Other than this, some herbs are also useful in easing the pain.

You can also use drug called Expectorants. Using this mucus gets out from lungs. There is no doubt to the fact that sinus infection is really irritating. But with some home remedies or antibiotics for sinus infection, you can get big relief. Don’t let sinus infection ruin your productive day.

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