Monday, 3 October 2011

How to identify sinusitis infection headache symptoms

Most people consider severe headaches as sinusitis, however sinus headache are different from normal pain in the head as its symptoms are specific. These symptoms will help us to make out sinus infection and sinus nasal congestion. To treat this medical condition it is imperative to identify sinus problems.

  • Sinus headache is quite different from normal headache; you can feel a sense of heavy headedness along with pain around the eyes, top of the cheek bones and sides of the nose. Though the pain is felt all around the head and face, these areas experience more pain and pressure.
  • Nose and eyes are the areas you need to check to identify sinus problem. During sinus the area around your eyes and nose will be very painful.
  • It will also cause pain in the teeth and eyes. Sinusitis infection is an infection and it is more likely to spread across the face and has the ability to cause achy teeth.
  • Another thing you need to check is the color of the mucus; you can find green or yellow mucus with slight traces of blood. If you find all these symptoms, then you are affected by sinus infection.
  • You should also need to check your breath. Severe infection can make the odor of your breath very bad. It will be difficult for the infected person to identify the odor, so seek others help to check the odor.
  • The pain and pressure will increase with movements especially when you are bending forward. This is because movements give more pressure to the sinuses area.
  • Sudden change of weather may also worsen the pain. For example if you are in a warm room and enter a cold area al of a sudden.

Be watchful and note the symptoms to treat the condition as soon as possible. for natural remedies for sinus infection check here

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